Thursday, 25 October 2012


Here is a Press release of my new Poetry Collection

October 2012 will see the publication of Alan Jacob s Poems for Awakening. Aimed at readers who love classical poetry and
are interested in mind / body / spirit literature, these three long poems follow on from his previous collection 108 Sonnets
For Awakening and are especially written for those interested in or practic

ing a spiritual path of any denomination.
I have long been interested in spirituality and mysticism, and am currently the President of the Ramana Maharshi
Foundation, says Alan when talking about the inspiration behind his poems.
The first poem Zenda is a swashbuckling adventure story based on the famous novel the Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony
Hope. It raises the whole question of personal identity and is largely composed in Byronic Stanzas.
The Pearl Fishers is set in Sri Lanka and is an adventure story based around a Pearl Fishing Boy. Diving for pearls is a
metaphor for diving into the spiritual heart to find the pearl of great price . He is assisted by a Ferryman called
Skanda and Uma, his sister. The poem is composed in Spencerian Stanzas.
Ashtavakra is a saga based on the classical India Classic the Ashtavakra Gita which tells how the crippled Ashtavakra
brought King Janaka to self realisation. It is written in rhyming couplets in the manner of Rumi.
The last poet to tackle such themes was T.S Eliot, observes Alan, whose previous works include Poetry For the Spirit,
Peace of Mind, The Dalai Lama, Native American Wisdom, Mahatma Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, Reflections, Mysterious London and
When Jesus Lived In India.
About the Author: Alan Jacobs lives in North London and was the proprietor of the Alan Jacobs Gallery, before retirement. Interested in
spirituality and mysticism from an early age, he is the current president of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation and a regular contributor to the
poetry magazine Reflections.
ISBN: 9781780883045 Price: £8.99
for author interviews, review or competition copies, articles, photos
or extracts please contact Jane Rowland
Tel: 0116 279 2299 Email:
troubador p ublishing, 9 priory business park, wistow road, kibworth, leicester le8 0rx

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