Sunday, 27 June 2010


The buzzing of the bumble bees hums Aum,
They sport among red roses sipping bliss.
Nectar likened by the mystics to the kiss
Of bridal marriage, when bold souls come home,
To wed their beloved; never again to roam,
In the gloom of samsara where they'll miss,
The pain of life's dream in which snakes do hiss.
Better to taste God's honey beneath His azure dome.

A wise bee keeper rambled out one day,
His bees swarmed, and he was badly stung;
Yet he welcomed all that happened on his way,
Giving thanks for the pain which they had wrung,
It gave him greater inner strength and joy,
A blessing which nothing more could ever cloy.

Saturday, 26 June 2010


Tame the wld horse stallion of the racing mind,
Break him in with the reins of mantra japa,
'Whip with rigourous vigour' said Lord Krishna.
Such words in Sages writings we often find,
Blinker the colt so he doesn't look behind.
Mind control was taught by Sri Lord Ramana,
Essential part of his great teaching sadhana.
Mind will lead you astray like blind lead blind,
He'll gallop madly, so tie him down, and bind.

A gallant rider went on his pilgrim way,
The stubborn horse bolted and down he fell,
He knew he must train the nag that very day,
Or else riding him would always be sheer hell.
So we control the errant mind as best we may,
And enjoy a safe ride as with life we play.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Oh wearisome monkey mind ever so fickle,
Always chattering, urging senses to tickle
Fancy. and lure one away from one's sacred task,
Of keeping quiet and silent, ready to ask,
The most profound essential question 'who am I'?
To reach the root of vile ego before we die.
Then released from bondage captive soul can fly
To freedom, released from samsara's evil eye!

There once was a sadhak who tried very hard,
To control monkey mind from wandering away;
He decided to play his Sat- Guru's trump card,
To repeat his favourite mantra most of the day.
The monkey mind was now chained to a stake,
He was now relieved for sweet peace of mind's sake.

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Lie quietly in the tiger guru's jaws,
He'll never ever let us leave from there.
Give all weighty burdens into his care,
Great bliss, grace and mercy rest in his paws.

His teaching opens wide salvation's doors,
He rules with perfect justice wise and fair,
He loves all sadhaks who will risk and dare,
Surrender ego minds into his loving claws.

Suffering pilgrim wept in dire dispair,
'Pray Guru save me from my wretched fate',
The Tiger Guru roared within his lair,
'Give me your mind before it is too late'!

Pilgrim was saved, he knew his own Real Self,
Freed from evil egotistic demon elf.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Diving into the Heart the nadis churn,
Creating tension body wise to burn
Vasanas up. Best bear with it and yearn;
The work is done for you to moksha earn,
Through diving into heart, so suffer well and learn.

To switch off the wandering monkey mind,
A device in Hatha Yoga we do find.
Place the tongue in roof of mouth;'twill unwind
It's constant chattering, it's so refined;
Then one's quiet and still, all mumbling's left behind.

Thursday, 10 June 2010




Deep down in my Spiritual Heart,
Dwells my gracious inner Sat-Guru,
Bhagavan Ramana, for God are You.
You came in bodily form to start
My journey back to Self, and did impart
Sage Non-Dual Teaching, simple, clear and true;
Self Enquiry once more You proclaimed anew.

Red roses grow in garden emerald green,
Shining 'neath a sapphire sky of blue,
Show Beauty is a Threshold for my love for You,
She invokes grateful feelings of praise serene,
Towards You as my Teacher who's Supreme,
And comes to wake me up, now that time is due.



Bhagavan told us in his sage words,
"All the buds on the almond tree, one day
Will wake up from sleep". We gratefully say
Thank God, now I'm unlike the cattle herd,
A dumb beast, prey to every outward
Pull of thought and whim which comes my way.
I know my Self, and understand the play
Of life is to make one whole, in Thy regard.

At the point of Death, God our Mighty Lord
Preordains the next life for the very best,
To spiritually grow, unlike the rest,
Who suffer 'til they comprehend His word,
And obey His Teachings which they've heard
From Him, whether they be from East or West.



Beauty's an amiable amelioration
From vain vicissitudes of life,
Problems are ever ruthlessly rife,
The soul needs peace and relaxation,
She gazes at gardens that grace our nation,
He perhaps finds comfort from his cosy wife.
We walk on the edge of a well sharpened knife,
We bow to our Master in supreme oblation.

The good wife will share his pilgrimage
And her soul is the Beauty that he seeks,
Like Dante's Beatrice, she grants him peace.
This is the dawning of the Aquarian Age,
Advaita Vedanta is now all of the rage,
Which takes you to weary soul's blest release.



Bhagavan delivers the word of God to man,
"Self Enquiry and Surrender is my way,
Ask yourself 'Who Am I? each time of day!
Don't forget your inner Self to hold and scan,
That, my children, is God's almighty plan,
This way to Liberation is what I say,
Will bring you freedom from suffering fray
With foolish ones; away from Self they ran".

Everything is perfect so it seems,
Preordained in the only way it can,
Whether it be joyful, mad or wan,
The many worlds are sham and only dreams,
Yet through the dark and gloom we glimpse some gleams,
I followed His Truth, and a new life began.



The colour of Lord Shiva's throat is blue,
As he swallowed planet Earth's poisoned sin,
To save mankind from damnation. Therein
Lies the reason it looks peacock blue to you.
Our duty is to pay Lord Shiva fullest due,
Surrender at his lotus feet wherein,
Salvation follows for our kith and kin,
If we worship Him as truly true.

Skanda,Shiva's son road a peacock too
To slay the demon ego Taraka,
By the weapon of Advaita Vedanta
Now at hand for all earnest sadhaks, who
Follow his teachings through and through,
To end the dreaded dream of dire samsara.



God in His mercy sent us Ramana,
To redeem fallen souls on planet Earth,
Such a One was granted bodily birth,
As Sri Bhagavan of Arunachala,
To save us from dreaded dire samsara.
Make us Oh Lord to be of righteous worth,
To receive his guidance and then obey
His Surrender and Self Enquiry Sadhana.

Then in due course we shall reach Moksha,
Be free of suffering from this earthly fray,
To be born again on the brighter new day
Of glorious, blessed Sat Chit Ananda.
He'll evolve humanity in his unique way,
Such is the role of Sri Bhagavan Ramana!



Supreme Guru of Guru's, he's well named,
Dwelling on sacred Arunanchala,
Lived Sri Bhagavan Maharshi Ramana.
As a Great World Teacher he's duly famed
Recalcitrant egos he quickly tamed,
To free Devotees from dread samsara,
By teaching them his Atma Vichara.
If we ignore him, then 'who' is blamed?

A man came to his Ashram one fine day,
And asked the question 'what to do'?
An answer came 'enquire who are you?'
The fool ignored the Sage and walked away.
He spent many more life times on this Earth,
Before awakening to his souls rebirth.



Arunachala is a sacred mount,
Rosy red, colour of the rising dawn
Emblem of awakening on the morn
Of Self Realisation, the fount
Of Bhagavan's wisdom that we count
As wisest among all Gurus born.
He destroys man's sleep like a thunder storm,
And his latent habits, apart are torn.

Those tendencies obscure the Sacred Self,
Like dark rain clouds hide the blazing Sun.
His Self Enquiry slays this demon elf
Of ego, and restores sad soul back to the One.
Let us give thanks to Mount Arunachala,
For sheltering the life of great Sage Ramana.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


"This above all to thine own Self be true!"
So wrote the immortal Shakespearean Bard;
This must be the chief aim for me and you,
Effort and study are needed sharp and hard.

The first step is to find a Guru's teaching,
Which suits one's own distinct disposition,
One who explains clearly without preaching,
That is life's most adored acquisition.

A pilgrim spent much time in seeking
To find Truth. He was forever reading;
Then he found the book he was most needing,
Like a Sage's voice that he heard speaking.
"Self Enguire and Surrender, my dearest son,
Then you shall Realise Self! and all is One".

Monday, 7 June 2010


LOVE crossed my threshold in bridal white,
A diadem of stars adorned her hair,
She chanted in cadenced accents fair,
“For man I make division, wretched plight,
The notion of another is constant in his sight,
It’s more than he dares, it’s extremely rare
To transcend the thought ‘I demand a pair’,
Don’t love others, be others, such is truly right.”

A mother wraps warm arms around her son,
To breast she holds him firmly, close up tight;
A smile slips across her lips, sunkissed bright,
United to her child, now the two are one.
In the quest to find Divine Mother’s Grace,
Hold Her in your heart with firm embrace.

Saturday, 5 June 2010



Sweet to ride forth at evening from the wells
When shadows pass gigantic on the sand,
And softly through the silence beat the bells
Along the Golden Road to Samarkand.

We travel not for trafficking alone;
By hotter winds our fiery hearts are fanned:
For lust of knowing what should not be known,
We take the Golden Road to Samarkand.

James Elroy Flecker


We're carted in a cosy caravan of dreams,
Driving fast across vast desert waste.
Nothing we see is exactly as it seems,
From mirage to death we race in reckless haste.
The Master Sheikh cries "wake up you sleepy one,
Within you shines the Great Almighty Sun!".

A boy had cause to cross that golden sand,
To find his fond father in Samarkand.
His journey was beset by many trials,
The brave lad trekked for miles and miles.
He trudged on when all seemed sadly lost,
He persisted regardless of all human cost.

God's grace came in camel shape, a beast had strayed,
So back to his father, his way was safely made!


The fierce blazing heat of noon-day Sun,
Afflicts each caravan on its lonely way.
The camels yearn for water, but there is none,
Until they reach some oasis, one blessed day.

The Sheikh cries "The Sun is like God's will,
Driving your caravan across the golden sand;
Water's like Real Truth, which you need to fill
Your heart, and cut your knot of bondage band!"

A traveller traversed across that desert plane,
Soon he became thirsty from the blazing heat,
He prayed for water from a shower of rain,
To save his life, his journey then complete.
He glimpsed an oasis, 'twas a mirage it seems,
Such is our wasted life, a caravan of dreams!


The Sheikh calls "come to my tavern and drink
The ecstatic ruby wine of love divine!
Enquire into who's that one who thinks;
Soon you'll find your inner Sun sublime,
That lights your mind of wandering dreams,
And makes you see a world that only seems
As Real, when its all a false delusion.
That's the very root of mind's illusion!"

A pilgrim knocked hard at the tavern door,
Alas he found it shut and firmly closed.
No answer came although he did implore
The Sheikh to help in what he had proposed.
Then he heard a voice within the tavern cry,
"My son to ego mind, you first must die!"


The One Eternal Sheikh is our blessed Self,
Not treacherous, perverted monkey mind,
Like some diabolic demonic elf,
It flits from each tree to tree it finds.

So hearken to the wisdom of ones Master Sheikh,
As he teaches freedom and the way to wake.
The Sheikh in the desert on the golden way
Frees us from the bleak jail of every day.

A man met his Master one blessed day,
And enquired, "how free myself from 'mind'?"
The Master said "if you turn within my way,
In search of your own false self you'll surely find,
The real freedom you so urgently desire,
And be born again in God's great sacred fire!"