Sunday 21 October 2012



This review of my recent Novel Eutopia just appeared on

I kind of like it.

 Eutopia: The Gnostic Land of Prester John (Paperback)
Vedanta, Teenage sex, Hospice, Realization, Arts, Paintings, History, Poetry, Religions, Adventures, Wisdom,

Philosophy and Enlightenment are few of the subjects that are well covered by this British author.

Captivating from beginning to the end, the reader cannot afford to miss any paragraph.

Your visualisation will be on gear from the very beginning. Actually, during the first few chapters,

I had to put the book down and laugh out loud more than a couple of times.

Justin Hart is the name assumed by the adventurer but what is in the name?

Name really offers the prelude to his ultimatum of profound learning.

I congratulate this very knowledgible author for well blending of eastern wisdom with Prester John's teachings.

A must read for anyone who is seeking for the answers!

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