I'm quietly waiting at the tavern door,
Oh cup bearer hand me a cup of wine,
So I may enjoy the bliss of Self once more,
And rest assured in the love of God Divine.
The Sheikh called from inside the tavern hall,
"First dear child you must die to ego mind,
You'll hear the blessed bridegroom's call,
Cross the threshold, and the bride you'll find.
You wallow in the pleasures of the world,
Be still in the sacred silence of your heart,
Then in life's dream you'll no more be hurled,
From soul's wedded state ne'er more depart".
His fragments of soul then came together,
He found his Inner Master and then gave up,
His senses wandered through all winds of weather,
Then the faithful bearer brought the vintage cup.
The Sufi had obeyed his master's  call,
He'd done his best to stay quite calm and be,
He'd waited with great patience in the tavern hall,
The door then slowly opened and he was free.