Sunday, 30 May 2010


All is well unfolding as it should,
How can it be otherwise than good?
That's the Enlightened Sage's wake up call,
His mantric message transmitted to us all.

We only see the surface of a dream,
On our consciousness-awareness screen,
Then by grace comes the teaching of a Sage,
To free us from the bondage of our prison cage.

He tells us "Simply, just Self Enquire;
Surrender to 'That' spiritual fire,
Of your Sat-Guru dwelling in your Heart,
Then some fine day, from ego you shall surely part"!

Friday, 28 May 2010


If constant, persistent deep heart diving
Is consistent, and truly thriving,
Ego has no more hope of ever surviving.

Nerves continually turning and churning,
Vasanas on fire and briskly burning;
The Jiva prays, desperately yearning.

Such is deft deep diving within, to reach
The root of ego, my Guru does teach,
A way of Self Enquiry for one and each.

With strong energetic plunge and lusty surge,
Malign tendencies we purge and then emerge;
Again we dive within when there's the urge.

Our aim's to find the precious lustrous pearl,
Of Self's brilliant splendour. 'Twill unfurl,
Letting Sat-Chit-Anand curl,in wondrous whirl.

The sacred task is to waken soul from sleep,
For that, dive in the Heart's a quantum leap,
The way to Liberation, evermore to keep.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


When constant, persistent deep sea diving
Is continued, and is really thriving,
Ego has no hope of ever surviving.

Nerves are constantly turning and churning,
Brain box on fire, and is briskly burning,
Heart cave pines, desperately yearning.

Such is deft diving deep within, to reach
The root of ego, my Guru so did teach,
A way of Self Enquiry for one and each.

With strong energetic plunge and lusty surge,
The vile vasanas will one by one emerge,
Once more we dive within when comes the urge.

One aim is to fetch the precious magic pearl,
That Self's special splendour shall unfurl,
And Sat-chit-ananda uncurl, in wondrous whirl.


Surrender and Self Enquiry are the Golden Keys of Sri Ramana's teaching,
So start to serious practise, call off the seeking and cease endless preaching,
Like those deluded ones who say, 'You're perfect as you are now, just remain in a blissful state!'
And then all those others who profess, 'Why bother,it's all ordained by fate?'

Beyond a shadow of doubt Advaitic Non-Dualism is very far reaching,
If we assert we are the 'doers of action ', then God's Will we are breaching,
But in meeting this teaching we are quickly brought to knock at Heaven's Pearly Gate
Where intellectual games and metaphysical conundrums all end in checkmate.

Let's rejoice in gladness in whatever God sends us in our pilgrimage on Earth.
This miraculous, melodramatic adventure, starting from the day of our birth,
Passing through our childhood years when rebellious ego started to raise its brazen head
Shouting, screaming,compulsiv e daily demands loudly, feet kicking wildly spread.

Then on to passionate adolescence, loving experience for all one is worth.
But tiring of riotous pleasure, the soul feel empty and loathes such a
meaningless dearth.
And so into this wilderness poor Mary wanders, feeling barren,lost and wretched,
Struggling to find an oasis, festooned with apple blossom and a pink orchid.

She yearns for help and prays hard with faith to her childhood God with a
passionate cry,
"Oh please give me some meaning to my sordid discordant life or I feel
I will die!"
And then, a vision appears before her – is it reality or illusion?
Shimmering and shining with radiance – is it just another trick of delusion?

A firm voice spoke from inside the light with awesome power and might,
but very clear,
"Know your Self, my child, and ask the question 'Who Am I?', banish all
your doubt and fear."
"But I can't know who I am," she moaned, "nor how to know myself or the
meaning of life!"
And with downcast eyes, she wept inconsolably pouring forth her woes and strife.

The next day in a Mind-Body-Spirit Book Shop where she went to browse and look,
She came across the title "Who Am I?", a force impelled her to buy this book .
And turning the front cover quivering with wonder and awe she discovered therein
A photo of an Indian Sage with a face of great peace, emanating within.

It struck a resounding chord deep in her innermost heart with immediate force
She proceeded to peruse the pages with the uttermost attention, of course.
‘Self Enquiry’, ‘Mind control’, ‘Peace and Happiness, ‘Self and Individuality’
‘The Jnani and the World’, ‘Sadhana and Grace’, and ‘Aham - all is Unity.

She knew the greatest spiritual adventure of her life was about to begin,
A journey deep into her Self that with this Great Guru's help she was
certain to win.
So she read Chapter One, ‘Self Enquiry’ which told her to ask herself, 'Who am I?’,
Which she did with zeal and earnestness but there was no answer that came in reply.

She begged the Sage for guidance to aid her in this pondersome, perplexing plight,
A serene voice within aroused her and answered in the middle of the night
"Listen to me, my sweet child, for fate has decreed that it is time for you to die,
But it’s not a death to be afraid of, just the end of your individual ‘I’.

The mighty sword of Self Enquiry will surely bring about this mystic death,
Do not expect answers! Questioning, alone is the way to stifle ego's breath."
Just focus your undivided attention through the right hand side of your chest,
Be brave, be resolute, be patient – all will be revealed in this source
of greatest rest.

Hold your breath if you wish, it keeps the mind quiet, then dive deeply
into your Heart
To find the source of the 'I'. This is a method that I wish, my child ,to impart.
And so, inhaling deeply, she followed the advice of her innermost guide,
Putting all her concentration where she knew her immortal soul does reside.

"That is correct," her inner voice replied, "keep on trying just a little
each day
And in time, where your tendencies are tied, you will cut that ganglion knot away."
"But those tendencies are who I am,’ sh said starting to feel bewildered and sad,
I’m not sure that I want to lose my quirks and foibles for I think it’ might drive me mad."

"Foolish child,' the voice replied, "those form the walls that stop you
knowing ‘who you are'
I am teaching you how to know your Self, your True Nature, and remove that prison bar!"
"Please don’t be angry with me," she said forlornly, "I promise
that I shall try my best."
And knocking on the door of the Heart a voice replied, "Come in,most honoured guest!"

After that Mary, for that was her name, persevered daily, as she had been told
Deeper and deeper inside she dived like a pearl fisher girl, and ever so bold.
And lo, amazing trinkets of thoughts, feelings and emotions Mary found within,
But midst rusty concepts and broken dreams, were precious gems of wisdom strewn therein.

One morning Mary vowed not to be distracted by these soap bubbles of thought,
But to plunge below those baubles as deep as she ought, 'twas the Source of I' she sought.
She did not know what to expect - overwhelming joy, satchitananda, bliss.
But instead she felt as if she were falling down into a deep, dark,abyss.

It was as if a loving power had grasped her mind and then held it firm
and still,
All chattering ceased and a tranquil peace invaded and seized her selfish will .
Like a newly born babe, she opened up her eyes and looking all around in awe
Mary viewed the magnificence of God's creation hardly believing what she

Her ego had fled,it was as if someone had removed a badly aching tooth,
She realised all was One ,she saw without separation, an Immortal Truth
"I am limitless, unbounded, free!" she cried, not knowing if she should
laugh or weep.
"I am God, the Absolute, the Self. No longer hypnotised by the painful veil of sleep!"

Alan Jacobs and Paula Marvelly

A poetic cooperation

Monday, 24 May 2010


Oh dearest Guru-ji, Great Sri Bhagavan Ramana,
Famous Sage of holy Mountain Arunachala:
To whom your Devotees with reverent obeisance greet,
I place this verse, an offering, at your sweet lotus feet.

I pray that I may come close to your sweet lotus feet,
There waiting for me to hold, deep in my heart replete.
Then I might better follow your sacred teachings true,
And again feel united: my own Self, to be One with you.

If I take firm refuge in your sweet lotus feet so soft,
You're sure to raise my hard pressed errant soul aloft,
Then I feel immense gratitude with deepest love for you,
Oh Guru, you teach soul how to reach its Self so true.

I surrender dark ego mind at your sweet lotus feet,
Whole heartedly, unconditionally, totally complete.
I pray that you will accept this simple gift of mine,
And take my soul to wed with you, oh gracious Self Divine.




The sweet Lotus feet of the Sat-Guru is the point where we can touch his Grace and SURRENDER THE EGOISTIC MIND. It is a beautiful expression echoed by the prostration of the Devotee to touch the soft sweet feet of the Master.

These lotus feet are touched by diving into the spiritual heart through the door way found on the
Rt. Side of chest.


As absolute pure consciousness –Awareness he is ever present in the heart of his devotees.By Surrendering the mind to his lotus feet we invoke his Grace .

Read the wonderful book Padamalai- ‘The Feet’ by The great Tamil Poet Murugana’s poem recording the advanced teaching of Sri Bhagavan before and after his Self Realisation. Translated into aphorisms with a commentary by Robert Butler and David Godman.


In this world, Sri Guru is the only beauty or asset, wealth. There is nothing else. Carana means feet. Sri-guru-carana-padma the feet of Sri Guru are compared to the lotus. This is also very significant.

Why are his feet compared to the lotus and not to anything else? The lotus flower looks very nice and beautiful, and it also provides very sweet honey, madhu. The bumblebee collects honey from different flowers, but especially from the lotus flower. So what sort of special quality is there in the honey collected from the lotus flower that is not present in the honey collected from other flowers? It is a special type of honey known as padma-madhu. The disciple who is like a bumblebee, who is very hungry and greedy for that honey, relishes it.

Similarly, the jiva who is wandering and wandering through the innumerable universes and through the innumerable species of life of this material world — brahmanda bhramite kona bhagyavan jiva — gets only more and more suffering, misery, and torture. There is no cooling effect in the material world, which is like a blazing forest fire — samsara-davanala. Nobody starts the forest fire, but automatically by the rubbing of two pieces of wood, the whole forest is burned and the animals that live in the forest are burned to ashes. They feel the burning heat, which is very painful. Similarly, the conditioned souls in this material world feel the burning sensation coming from the three tapas: adhyatmika, adhibhautika, and adhidaivika. After wandering through innumerable universes and innumerable species of life, at last the fortunate soul, bhagyavan jiva, comes to the lotus feet of Sri Guru and takes shelter in the cooling shade there.

As the bumblebee sucks honey from the lotus flower, similarly, the guru-pada-padma, the lotus feet of Sri Guru, allow that jiva, who is compared to the bumblebee, to suck the nice honey whereby he gets real nourishment and also premananda, loving happiness.

Similarly, when one takes shelter at the lotus feet of Sri Guru and gets the guru's mercy, the guru allows the surrendered disciple to taste that sweet honey emanating from the guru's lotus feet. That is the medicine whereby his material eyes will be cleansed of all material contamination. He develops transcendental vision.

He may have been blinded by the dense darkness of ignorance, ajnana-andhakara, but that will all be gone now. The darkness is dispelled and he receives the eyes of knowledge— divya-jnana-caksu. Sri Guru imparts tattva-jnana, and by his mercy the disciple develops transcendental vision. With that vision he will be able to see the beautiful form of the Supreme Lord, Syamasundar. This is the honey, or madhu, emanating from the lotus feet of Sri Guru; it acts in such a wonderful way. Therefore the phrase, "sri-guru-carana-padma" is very significant — the lotus feet of Sri Guru are compared to a lotus. Why is this comparison made and how to explain it?

Wandering Hopeless! If such persons are fortunate, they will come to the lotus feet of Sri Guru. That guru is like a physician, sadhu-vaidya. He knows the perfect and unfailing medicine to cure the material disease, bhava-roga. He knows the cause of the jiva's suffering. There is only one medicine, the honey emanating from the lotus feet of Sri Guru — guru-pada-padma-madhu. So, as the lotus allows the bumblebee whose wings are torn by the thorns of the ketaki flower to take shelter inside the flower, similarly, the guru allows the disciple to take shelter at his lotus feet.
The guru-pada-padma, the lotus feet of Sri Guru, gives such hopeless wandering souls shelter and allows them to suck honey, whereby they regain their vitality. The suffering jiva gets nourishment and life there. That is why we say, "sri-guru-carana-padma." The lotus feet of Sri Guru are compared to a lotus, and not to anything else. This phrase has very great significance.

Sunday, 23 May 2010


Greeted by fiery splendour of the golden dawn,
A bright new day begins, each fine auspicious morn.

We welcome all that happens, both inside and out,
For all's His Grace without a hint of doubt.

What ever God sends us, is always for the best,
As children on His path we're very, very blest.

All are predestined to perform His mighty will,
Whether one likes it or not for good or for ill.

He knows what's most needed to heal each soul,
To wake and shake us up, and so make us whole.

With Faith, we hand him all our worldly cares,
Such trust's a quantum leap for the one who dares.

We free the mind from foolish thoughts that run to fear,
And save errant soul from drowning in sadness drear.

Vain ego says 'I'm the doer, the one who knows',
But the Lord makes us see by shocks and blows,

All is for our good, to make us search within,
And end all sad sinful woes, and freedom win!

Friday, 21 May 2010


There's a vast ocean of blueish green beauty,
Reminding us it's our paramount duty,
To plunge into the Heart, and seek the source
Of vile ego with all our might and force.

That ocean's the symbol of the spiritual heart,
Which we must probe until one day that part
Of malign vasanas leaves the monkey mind,
And then Enlightenment is there we find.

So suggested our great Sage Ramana,
The Blessed Lord of Mount Arunachala.
He brought Atma Vichara right to the fore,
To help suffering devotees for ever more,
And save them from dreaded dire samsara;
Such was the greatness of dear Sage Ramana!

Thursday, 20 May 2010


S upreme devotion
e ternal life
l ove unconditional
f aith

R ighteousness
e thereal vision
a bsolute resignation
l iberation
i am that i am
s urrendered totally
a t perfect peace
t rusting in God's wisdom
i immutable
o ne
n irvana

Monday, 17 May 2010


The King's daughter glows, all radiant within,
Her raiment's woven from purest gold,
She surrendered to her precious God of old.
She lives without a hint of guilt or sin,
She's triumphant, certain always to win
The struggle, to save her flock and fold.
She's well beyond all reproach, and we're told
Her word's still heard, within world's dreadful din.

An aspiring pilgrim pined to wed,
This fair daughter of the heavenly King,
He wished to woo her in the royal bed,
The sacred marriage of which the mystics sing.
She consented, if first he Realised Self,
And freed himself from foul egoistic elf.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


My hymn is sung to that great and holy One,
Who dwells in splendour, a radiant light,
That shines in every heart, and every Sun
Of Self-effulgent beauty, blazing bright.
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!
Make our actions worthy in Thy holy sight.

Oh Lord, we pray to keep Thee ever in our sight,
Oh Thou, whom we adore, our God, the holy One.
Thy rays of grace and love are always bright
In strength and power, as in the golden Sun.
Keep us from wavering, fix our hearts on light,
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!

Thou art All and Thy mighty will be done!
Not foolish will of ego, lest it darkens sight
And screens us from Thee, oh majestic One.
Thy blinding brilliance of eternity bright
Is stronger, deeper, than summer’s noon-day Sun.
Let’s bathe in Thy blissful balm of blessed light.

Lead us from nescient dark to conscious light!
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!
And ever mindful, we’re resting in Thy sight;
Thou art father, mother, friend, oh holy One,
Thy perennial fire is shining clear and bright,
Deep in our hearts, flames Thy splendid inward Sun.

Thou within us, who hides, is also in the Sun,
Dark clouds are dispelled by thy beacon light.
On bended knee we praise Thee, primordial One,
Who through grace revealed, demists our frosted sight.
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!
Polish the mirrors of our souls, make them bright.

Oh jewel of faith, that sparkles diamond bright,,
And shines fiercely like our bosom friend, the Sun,
Thaw our frigid hearts with warmth and light,
Thou art All and Thy mighty will be done!
Oh, let our deeds be worthy in Thy holy sight,
To hymn our love for Thee, oh great and holy One.

Praise to the wondrous One, burning beryl bright,
Make Thy wisdom light to guide us, as the Sun,
And may Thy will be done, in Thy all knowing sight!

Friday, 14 May 2010


Glamorous glowing gracious golden bloom,
An emblem of blessing is strong Goldenrod,
She bows down in the breeze to mighty God,
A glimpse of her disperses worldy gloom,
When cut she'll grace your sacred altar room.
She grows firm and tall from an earthy clod,
The weight of her head makes her gently nod;
A bloom to hold on flight from womb to tomb.

Sad pilgrim depressed by unlucky fate
Was garden strolling for consolation;
Engrossed in profoundest contemplation,
He glimpsed a bed of golden rod so great,
It raised his spirit before it was too late,
He fell into deepest blissful meditation.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Whoever is awake to the material world
Is fast asleep to the spiritual world.
This wakefulness is far worse than sleep,
When our soul’s asleep to God, it’s a door
Closing, to prevent the entry of His grace.
All day we suffer from a host of fantasies,
Thoughts of loss, gain or degeneration.
For the Soul there is neither joy nor peace
Nor a way of progression heavenwards.
The sleeper has his hope in each vain fancy
And converses idly with these foolish voices.

The bird of the soul flies cheerily on high
While its shadow is speeding upon Earth,
Some fools hasten to chase their shadow
And rushing hurriedly become exhausted,
Not understanding that it’s a reflection,
Nor knowing from where it originates.

They vainly shoot arrows at this phantom,
His quiver soon empties from the long quest.
The contents of his worried life become a void,
Time passes in chasing after this grey shadow.
But when God’s shadow becomes a nurse maid.
It saves him from fantasies and illusion.
God’s shadow is the true servant of God.

Dead to this world yet living through Him.
Take hold of His hem quickly so your skirt
May also be saved at the end of your days.
Never enter this dark valley of the shadow
Without a guide who’s a true son of God.
Desert the grey shadow, gain the bright Sun
Hold the hem of the orb of Shams Tabriz.

If you don’t know the way to the bridal feast
Enquire into God’s radiance named l’Haqq.
If envy grabs you by the throat on the way
It is Satan who reaches beyond all bounds.
Because from green envy he hates Adam
And he’s at constant war with happiness.

On the way there’s no harder bridge to cross.
Happy is he who hasn’t made envy his friend.
The body is a mansion packed full of hate,
The family and servants are all tainted.
Yet Almighty God made the body to be pure
So sweep clean His house. The purified heart
Is a true treasure and Earth’s gold talisman.

If you indulge in guile, deceit and envy
Against one who’s without a hint of blame,
Then black stains swell up in your heart.
So rest as dust under the feet of a Sage
Amd scatter the dust on envy’s bald head.

Any fool who mtorments his body is unfit
For comprehending the spiritual life .
The nose catches fragrance leading to truth
That scent is the God revealed religion.
If he’s whiffed this perfume with ingratitude,
It comes and destroys his organ of perception.

Give thanks! be a slave to those who are grateful,
Be in their presence as one truly steadfast.


Friday, 7 May 2010


My new novella EUTOPIA offers a totally refreshing and very radical approach to Government and the problems of administering an ideal society. An explorer, named Justin Hart, sets out to find The legendary Happy Valley of Dr. Samuel Johnson's novel Prince Rasselas, in deepest Ethiopia. After several adventures,he succeeds in finding the lost Kingdom of the Gnostic Emperor Prester John, where he is amazed at what he discovers. This is a light, but insightful read for all those interested in spiritual awakening, with reference to political and humanistic questions.

Alan Jacobs

Thursday, 6 May 2010


> The Aquarian Movement hailed 'Brave New Age',
> Sorely needs wisdom from a Self Realised Sage.
> Permissiveness in every possible form,
> Many times beyond the accepted norm,
> Has led to decadence and collective shame,
> A dark stain on Gaia's sacred name.

> If we're not more careful then tomorrow,
> We may suffer Sodom's fate as did Gomorrah.
> Maybe in good time a Sage will be known,
> And the New Age will surely then be One;
> A blessed Utopia of peace on Earth,
> New Age will then become New Birth!

> So let's move on to a much higher stage
> Of this oft heralded Aquarian Age;
> Men and women joined in joy and love,
> Return to worship The Great Power above.
> They search within for their true Selves to find,
> Fatigued by flippant frolics of fickle mind.

> Aquarius fetches fresh water in his cup,
> Brings forth Real Truth to lift man up.
> That he's yet to be known causes sad regret,
> But soon, if through God's Grace we don't forget,
> He'll come to usher in the real New Age,
> And humanity shall turn a golden page.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010



A ROUNDEL is wrought as a ring or a starbright sphere,
With craft of delight and with cunning of sound unsought,
That the heart of the hearer may smile if to pleasure his ear
A roundel is wrought.
Its jewel of music is carven of all or of aught –
Love, laughter, or mourning – rememberance of rapture
or fear –
That fancy may fashion to hang in the ear of thought.
As a bird’s quick song runs round, and the hearts in us hear –
Pause answers to pause, and again the same strain caught,
So moves the device whence, round as a pearl or tear,
A roundel is wrought.

[Algernon Swinburne]

Roar from the Roof Tops

ALL is very well! to unfold exactly as it should,
Let it roar from the roof tops, all bold seekers tell,
That power which knows the way is truly good,
All is very well!
To rouse sad sleeper from his dream – ring the bell
Of Truth; All is One, non dual! For aeons stood
This beacon lamp to light our gloomy shaded dell.
As green willows grow so sweet in silent woods,
Foolish fear ends. Firm faith tolls the death knell
Of ignorance, for all to wake, who wish they could.
All is very well!

Dive Deep

WHO truly am I? The profoundest question isWho,
Am I? The ultimate, most urgent quest, before I die.
How sad to fly from the body in doubt: who are you?
Who, truly am I?
It’s indeed an easy task to turn and look; a true
Yearning to learn the wherefore, whether, what for, and why
Of I. To dive deep into the heart is our Master’s clue
To live, and be wholly free from dismal care and sigh,
In the Self, of boundless bliss, celestial saphire blue,
Who, truly am I?

Golden Key

FEEL ‘I am awareness’, absolute, pure, ever free
From strife. Let your skiff’s white sail unfurl to bless;
Be kissed by the soft breeze of love, on the open sea,
Feel ‘I am awareness’.
Unattached to mind or body, our life is choiceless,
Free as an auburn autumn leaf which tumbling from the tree,
Is blown by the breath of breeze and rests effortless.
To sip love’s flowering scent like a bumble bee,
In the radiant rose garden of essential beingness;
That, for you, dear friend, is the golden master key.
Feel ‘I am awareness’.

Divine Mercy

“LOVE they neighbour as thy Self”, the holy shepherd said,
Therefore open your heart to love, suffer all who labour
On their way. Raise weighty, anxious burdens from
their head;
Love they neighbour.
With genial gentle mien and mild behaviour,
Be a calm blue oasis among the firey rocks of red,
Salve the souls of men and women as did our Saviour.
Dissolve all foolish fanciful fear and dark dire dread,
Don’t deny a broken beggar your generous favour,
So help to raise your brother Lazarus from the dead,
Love they neighbour.

Rosary of Rubies

HUMILITY fair is to Virtue as a silver thread
Is to a treasured rosary of rubies for soulful prayer;
Undo the thread, the blood red gems will all have fled;
Humility fair.
Only a prig with arrogant pride and pomp would dare
To enter an inner sanctum wearing shoes of lead,
So modesty and self effacement are real virtues rare.
TheGreat Prophet of Allah,Mohammed, in his Koran said,
“Who owns a single rice grain of an arrogant air
Will fall from paradise, and must be seen as of the dead!”
Humility fair.


TO STILL your mental play is real service to the Sage;
Be ego-free, pursue a heart-filled, virtuous way.
Wisdom is, dear ardent child of this current age,
To still your mental play.
A peaceful disposition welcomes each auspicious day;
It’s foolish to react with over elation or with rage;
See each stage of life as God’s predetermined fray.
If you need to toil to earn a decent living wage,
Be unattached, enjoy this teaching’s Truth, I say
Be quiet, calm the breath, take hold and then engage
To still your mental play.


SIT IN SILENCE, rest at peace in tranquil solitude,
Let all the world’s wordy hurdy-gurdy cease.
Then seek the stillness of the Self in plenitude;
Sit in silence rest at peace.
Jason sailed over saphire seas of Ancient Greece,
Aloneness vast, his own shining spatial latitude,
To find his symbol of the Self, the Golden Fleece.
If you maintain a sober solitary attitude,
Joy will gradually grow, and not decrease;
Discover a real increase in truth, no pious platitude.
Sit in silence rest at peace.


REST with spiritual souls, better with them relate,
Than with headstrong folk, whose rampant lives are poles,
Apart from your predetermined pilgrim’s fate.
Rest with spiritual souls.
If you mix too much with those chasing different goals,
‘Twill drag you down, dulling your elevated state,
Leaving you fireless by a grate of smouldering coals.
So again, the Awakened Sage must reiterate,
Make sure your spate of Self awareness calmly rolls;
Your days be wisely spent, then surrendered, wait…
Rest with spiritual souls.


SEEK ‘SATSANG’ in the Self with others: what delight
Is greater than to sit with one’s sisters and brothers
At the Master’s feet, and imbibe the silence of the night?
Seek ‘satsang’ in the Self with others.
How sad to watch the fate of one who never bothers
To rest in Oneness with is brothers. It is his right
To merge in blessed bliss, and be loving others.
The meaning of ‘satsang’ shines, and is ever bright:
In the Self, our wise and good companions are like mothers
Of Liberation, to speed us swiftly to the Light.
Seek ‘satsang’ in the Self with others.

* association with the wise and good.


SEE all as mind’s emanation, know this in the heart,
A projection on the screen of seeing, a sensation
Created by mental illusion, phantastic magical art.
See all as mind’s emanation.
Five senses combine in unanimous relation,
To reveal pictures appearing, but merely a part,
Of one whole divine, universal manifestation.
All we see is transient, perishing from the start,
Reality is ‘I Am That’, no configuration
Of mutable mind which backward and forwards darts.
See all as mind’s emanation.


“I AM UNBORN; I don’t die. I don’t perish,”
said our Sage,
“As Eternal Self beyond this tearful mortal vale,
I don’t sustain a so-called ego, at any stage,
I AM unborn.”
In a thunder clap so loud, see forked lightening; hail
Rains to shower God’s Grace on our awakening age,
The command to ‘Self Enquire’ ever seeks theHoly Grail.
Let my maxims settle down deeply from this page,
On your own heart’s sacred leaves. How can you fail
To apprehend your own Truth, your veracity guage?
I AM unborn.

Divine Nihilism

BE EGOLESS: that false, notional phantom ghost,
‘Malade imaginaire’, thoughts afloat in air, are
Nothing boasts an egotistic entity or cause; at the most
Be egoless.
If there isn’t an ego, it’s sacred ground and boundless,
You’ve mistaken your Self for a man, a head on a post,
Invented a burden for him to bear that’s spaceless.
Isn’t the concept of causation quite graceless?
Let’s instead raise our glasses, drink a hearty toast
To drown for ever that vile potion, quite tasteless.
Be egoless.

Not This Not That

SELF Realisation isn’t this, some goal to be attained,
Nor an empty vacuous frisson of mystical bliss,
Self Realisation isn’t some position to be maintained;
Self Realisation isn’t this.
Its not love of passionate possession sealed by a kiss,
Nor any conceptual notion, by the mind retained,
Nor’s Realisation a half baked theory wildly amiss.
It’s not righteous morality, chaste piety unstained,
Nor some state of mind you might wish to dismiss,
It’s not a god of clay to claim and be retained,
Self Realisation isn’t this.

Cut the Knot

THOU art all, they covenanted will be done, oh Lord,
Whatever befalls us beneath the high rising Sun,
We thank Thee, for They Grace in keeping to ThyWord.
Thou art all.
One loves One Omnipresent God; He is the only One:
Through prayer and worship we’re joined to Thee, towards
That grace, which links us to Thy Name, second to none.
One loves our Lord who wields an omnipotent sword,
“In the beginning was theWord”, so wrote Gospel John,
He sets one free and cuts the binding ganglion cord:
Thou art all.

Liberty Bell

BE carefree, in an effortless thought free state, dear friend;
Live released from rigid imprisoned mind; That’s the gate
To Liberty! From tiresome strife to gain all goals, the end.
Be carefree.
All tense struggle to reach an aim before it is too late
Creates conflict. To you, an urgent message I now send
Let go of imperious ways, just be quiet, and wait.
So through the golden gate to Freedom, gently wend,
Your tender path’s ‘not doing’, dwell in peace so great,
Rest and mend in a tranquil, unsought place, dear friend;
Be carefree.

Son et Lumiere

IF you dive,my dear, deeply into the Heart, the hidden cave,
You’ll see shining light, find silence and hear sounds, all alive.
These merciful Samaritans shall the weary pilgrim save,
If you dive.
In the shade of this cave, breaks the dawn of day to revive,
Poor zealous soul, drowning in a sensual tidal wave
On sad ego’s tempestuous ocean; you’ll now survive.
Sound follows light, their powers to heal shall stave
Fatigue, then the opening Heart will soon contrive
Your quick release, and ego’s watery waiting grave.
If you dive.

Drama in the Void

IN AN EMPTY theatre, nowconceive, it’s like the Void, all right.
At the close of the show, both audience and actors leave.
On emptiness then, brightly shines the theatre light.
In an empty theatre now conceive.
Lounging in a furnished room, what do I perceive?
The lamp’s turned off, that shone so very bright,
But my eye sees the Void, a wise Seer, please believe.
So after life’s play, falls the dark curtain of night,
See the Void; no light, nor wrong nor right, to relieve.
Enquire where’s the source of ‘I’ who owns this sight?
In an empty theatre now conceive.

Sage Epilogue

BE CONSCIOUSNESS awareness bliss, the Self’s expression,
Awaken to auspicious grace, receive her kiss,
Finish the folly forever of wallowing in depression.
Be consciousness awareness bliss.
Be certain now there’s no entity there left to miss;
There are no graded steps or levels in this ascension.
If you dream of some illusory gain, you’re sadly amiss.
Enjoy the nectarine bliss of your dedicated mission,
Please don’t take my words in any way remiss.
This stanza ends my runic Roundel composition.
Be consciousness awareness bliss!

Monday, 3 May 2010


People viewed are phantoms in a dream,
Puppets held in the gloved hand of God,
Ghost shadows on a screen, Self, shines a gleam;
All's evolved somehow, it's so strange and odd.

The garden hedge of Advaita is sewn,
With rose bushes of potent paradox,
Foxing monkey mind; how high they've grown.
Truth is neither orthodox nor heterodox.

What's called Truth, empirically forsooth,
Is false metaphysically it seems,
And vice versa, that's the huge joke of Truth,
In this perplexed vexed maze of sunbeams.

We stop posing problems with the brain,
But practise Self Enquiry and Surrender,
That's all that's needed on this train.
All mind rubbish, best trash in the blender.

The egotistic mind is mostly mad,
Just a muddled mix of mundane thought,
Neither very good or very bad,
Ever telling us what we 'should' and 'ought'.

'So what we see is not what it seems or appears',
So the Great Advaita Sages wisely state,
We strive to see who's the see-er and who hears?
And never leave the Task before 'tis much too late!

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Let's wipe mental blackboard's slate quite clean,
And start chalking afresh again. What I mean
Is Surrender to the Sat-Guru in our heart.
Allow him to control our practice; a fresh start,
From voice of his subtle intuition,
Bringing sadahana to ripe fruition,
And not by mundane monkey, mischievous mind.
Then I' m sure we'll definately find,
All goes well on the mountain path we climb
On the way to realise Self, sublime, divine!


> On chequered squares of space and time,
> Dark shadows dance their game of mime;
> To slay the Self is their cryptic aim;
> By tricks of mind, to heights they climb.
> There struts their Chief, Black’s his name,
> A proud ego is his claim to fame,
> A cosmic game he’s forced to play,
> Helped by his dark deluding dame.
> False bishops at his feet do pray,
> Marauding knights have feet of clay,
> A pride of puppet pawns at rest,
> His army’s poised in gaunt array.
> The Lord of Light is truly blest,
> The White Goddess is his Queen, no less:
> With castled Sages on each side,
> He waits to play this celestial jest.
> His warriors, stately stallions ride,
> Maintaining righteous order wide.
> In silence, pawns withdraw and meditate,
> Freed from their dream of seek and hide.
> That Self wants Ego checked to mate;
> The rascal fights to thwart his fate,
> And kill his foe himself, instead:
> We’ll watch their struggle, taut and great.
> By laws of Nature the rules are led,
> The end’s perceived, Pure Consciousness, ahead.
> He'll wage this war in awesome glory
> ‘Till Black resigns: thank God, he’s dead.
> After ages, growing grey and hoary,
> Both lie boxed, their game was gory.
> When ‘WHO’ created this sport is ready,
> A new game begins again; another story!