Tuesday, 28 February 2012


My hymn is sung to that great and holy One,
Who dwells in splendour, a radiant light,
That shines in every heart, and every Sun
Of Self-effulgent beauty, blazing bright.
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!
Make our actions worthy in Thy holy sight.

Oh Lord, we pray to keep Thee ever in our sight,
Oh Thou, whom we adore, our God, the holy One.
Thy rays of grace and love are always bright
In strength and power, as in the golden Sun.
Keep us from wavering, fix our hearts on light,
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!

Thou art All and Thy mighty will be done!
Not foolish will of ego, lest it darkens sight
And screens us from Thee, oh majestic One.
Thy blinding brilliance of eternity bright
Is stronger, deeper, than summer’s noon-day Sun.
Let’s bathe in Thy blissful balm of blessed light.

Lead us from nescient dark to conscious light!
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!
And ever mindful, we’re resting in Thy sight;
Thou art father, mother, friend, oh holy One,
Thy perennial fire is shining clear and bright,
Deep in our hearts, flames Thy splendid inward Sun.

Thou within us, who hides, is also in the Sun,
Dark clouds are dispelled by thy beacon light.
On bended knee we praise Thee, primordial One,
Who through grace revealed, demists our frosted sight.
Thou art All, and Thy mighty will be done!
Polish the mirrors of our souls, make them bright.

Oh jewel of faith, that sparkles diamond bright,,
And shines fiercely like our bosom friend, the Sun,
Thaw our frigid hearts with warmth and light,
Thou art All and Thy mighty will be done!
Oh, let our deeds be worthy in Thy holy sight,
To hymn our love for Thee, oh great and holy One.

Praise to the wondrous One, burning beryl bright,
Make Thy wisdom light to guide us, as the Sun,
And may Thy will be done, in Thy all knowing sight!

Alan Jacobs

Saturday, 25 February 2012


The whole wondrous universe we do behold,

On our back lit screen of pure consciousness awareness;

We see only a paltry part, the merest threshold,

Of 'That', the Great Brahmanic Power. And less

We forget, 'That' illumines every single hour,

Unveiling such blessed beauty for soul to behold.

We touch the heart cave of that patient waiting soul,

To meet Her full flow of bliss, a fine fulfilling shower,

Drawing us inwards with such exquisite grace.

Divine Mother's love awaits us there, to make us whole,

And once again we know our true original face.

Arunachala Feb 2012

Alan Jacobs

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Cast all burdens to Guru's ever loving care,

But don't ever take that heavy luggage back,

That's a deadly sin one should never ever dare,

And shows in much needed faith, a mighty lack.

One's much better off to leave it on the rack.

What's my puny effort compared to his great power?

I wait for death of ego mind when he'll choose the hour.

Meanwhile one tries to do the very best one can,

And leave the rest to him.That's the hero's path for man .