Thursday, 5 January 2012


Wild humble golden yellow flowering cup,
From which zealous bees sweet nectar sip.
The bee's an emblem of our spiritual trip.
The work effort pilgrim needs to awaken
From sleep, ceasing to be always shaken,
Sniffing at vain pleasures with greedy lip,
Licking at each juicy bit. We lose our grip
If ego indulges in every poisonous drip.

Child Krishna loved and cupped butter's sweet taste,
Churned from fresh milk for healthy nourishment.
If we wish to be free from soul's direst detriment,
Then we too must churn the mind with all due haste,
Using the great rod of Self Enquiry, God's instrument,
To save us from sad samsara's painful punishment!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


The wintry sun streams through my window frame
Opening wide to limitless vasts of saphire blue,
Snow drops are sparkling with diamonds of dew.
My heart hymns praises to Him without a Name,
A love for Self and all are equally the same.
I draw the curtain in my room, enlarge the view,
From tattered folds, a powdery dust soon flew
Across the scene, obscuring sunlight's flame.

As cloud did clear I saw each dusty grain,
As a world held in a solar radiant beam,
Universes in Brahman's mighty magic dream.
My mind fell in my heart, no words can explain;
I am the light, the sun, the room, the view,
The dust, the Self, and Brahman; so are you.

Monday, 2 January 2012


Let's welcome challenge as our golden gate to Liberation!

Any resistance prevents the gain of our promised Realisation.

Mind must never strain to explain nor ever needs to complain,

About what in His great wisdom our dear Lord deigns to ordain.

He blesses us with the most precious gift in the whole of creation.

So pray to surrender irreversibly without any condition!

Worry, fear,despair and anxiety must cease ever more,

Leave all burdens and concerns to God to solve in His way,

Yet we strive to do the very best we can each and every day.

And we let go all of the past, they were just fantastic dreams,

As that which appeared was unreal, and not what it seems!

Sunday, 1 January 2012



To claim I am the sole doer all alone,
Is the cardinal crime of woman and man;
It means that ego's usurped God's throne.
To be free of this grave sin, if we can,
Surrender monkey mind at His lotus feet,
Then Self Enquire with all of one's might.
This way we'll soon be whole and complete,
Revealing Self, source of truth and light.
The Universe is held in Brahman's arms,
In joyful bliss of sat chit ananada,
Devotees are blest by Bhagavan's charms,
Inside our hearts dwells Great Lord Ramana.
Let him take over the whole burden of life,
This way we end all mental storm and strife