Saturday, 28 May 2011


Consciousness is like a clean sheet of paper,
A Sonnet from Real Heart is like a taper
Set to light that fire which burns all mental dross,
And frees sad clouded soul which needs that loss
Of dark ego, veiling her blazing sun of Self,
No longer loving worldly dreams and all the pelf
Of wealth, possession, jealousy and lust,
The clumsy clutter of mind's dirt and dust.

Now listen to the unstruck music start,
Heard in the cave of the spiritual heart,
Like a symphony of swift circling spheres,
Which cheer happy soul's sharp listening ears,
So she rejoices in Self, God and Life,
Full of gratitude, eternally free from strife!

Friday, 27 May 2011


Love's way is humility and intoxication,
The torrent floods down. How can it run up?
You'll be a cabochon in the ring of lovers,
If you're a red ruby's slave, dear friend ;
Even as Earth is a serf of the sapphire sky
And your monkey body's a slave to your spirit.

What did Earth ever lose by this relationship ?
What mercy has the Self showed to weary limbs ?
One shouldn't beat the snare drum of awakening
Beneath a cosy sofa's, comfy counterpane.

Hoist, like a hero, your flag in the desert.
Listen with your soul's ear to the song,
In that hollow of the vast turquoise dome,
Rising from the lover's passionate moan .

When your tight gown-strings are loosened
By the tipsy inebriation of perfect love,
The victorious heavens shout, triumphantly !
And the constellations gaze down ashamed.
This world is in deep trouble, from top to bottom,
But it can be swiftly healed by the balm of love .

~ Rumi (versified from the Nicholson literal translation AJ)


The ghostly skeleton of dark egotism rattles in the heart,
It must be exorcised for Path of Self Realisation to start.
Self Enquiry with surrender is the traditional way
To regain this precious pearl of great price and then make it stay.

Ones dry bones must be resurrected into vibrant life,
There needs to be the Bridal Marriage with a Goddess as one's wife.
So hasten the day, make the needed preparations for the King,
Who will grace the ceremony and all the guests will surely sing,

Halellujah, Hallellujah to the highest the Infinite One,
Who shines behind our dark clouds like the mass of blazing Sun.
The Divine Goddess will graciouly remove our curtained veil,
If we obey her guidance and clasp her lotus feet. All hail!

The Divine Mother who saves the erring perverted soul,
And by merciful compassionate nursing makes us well and whole.
All is very, very well unfolding every night and day,
So trust that Mighty Great Power who surely knows, she knows she surely knows, the way!


Grand symphony of life, music of the spheres,

Unfolds like Shiva's dance, stamping on my breast;

Aware, one feels a martial drumming beat, and hears

Joyful rhythm that cheers the heart, and I am blest.

His footprints leave a lesson on my book of time,

They make a mark on my inconscient wall,

To learn from, so that soul may swiftly climb,

To conquer life's mysterious enigmatic All.

I ascend on eagle's wings into the great unknown,

Lord Shiva steers my flight through bliss and pain,

In this paradoxical way I'm stretched and grown,

Yet his merciful bliss soon soothes my nervous pain.

Let's give thanks and praise for Lord Shiva's cosmic dance,

Grounding arrogant ego into chalky powdered dust,

It's predetermined, nothing is left to random chance,

It's choreographed, infinitely wise, precise and just.


Sunday, 22 May 2011



Is to Virtue as a silver thread
Is to a treasured rosary of rubies for soulful prayer;
Undo the thread, the blood red gems will all have fled;

Humility fair.

Only a prig with arrogant pride and pomp would dare
To enter an inner sanctum wearing shoes of lead,
So modesty and self effacement are real virtues rare.
TheGreat Prophet of Allah,Mohammed, in his Koran said,
“Who owns a single rice grain of an arrogant air
Will fall from paradise, and must be seen as of the dead!”

Humility fair.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Love's harmony lies in the sweet unstruck music,

Heard in the spiritual heart by those whose ears,

Are tuned into this subtle sacred angelic art,

And hear ethereal rhythms from galactic spheres.

There are no words to describe this awesome sound.

Once heard the prison walls of selfishness fall down,

And blissful inner feelings all in unison resound

With holy joy, bestowing love's most precious crown.

A deaf mute deprived of hearing and vocal speech,

Prayed to hear the magic of a chanting human voice.

God in His mercy, which he always grants to each,

Cured his ailment so the poor boy could now rejoice.

The highest form of music to him was then revealed,

By such harmony divine, the blessed lad was healed.

Monday, 16 May 2011


The key to perfect life dwells deep in one's Self,
We must achieve perfection ourselves to live one,
We need to 'Know the Self' biding inside like the Sun.
Effort's essential to move from poor puppet elf

To Sage, and escape the jail of death and rebirth.
Like Phoenix the soul must ascend from the ash
Of past lives and strive with all her might and worth
To shed all latent accumulated trash,

By totally surrendering sad ego-mind
To the Sat-Guru dwelling deep in the heart.
Then with keen Self Enquiry, we shall find
His Great Power will make a graceful start.

One's True Nature is then Realised and attained
With earnest faith and effort Real Self is gained!

Sunday, 15 May 2011


ALL is very well! to unfold exactly as it should,
Let us roar from the roof tops, all bold seekers tell,
That power which knows the way is truly good,
All is very well!

To rouse sad sleeper from his dream – ring the bell
Of Truth; All is One, non dual! For aeons stood
This beacon lamp to light our gloomy shaded dell.

As green willows weep so sweet in silent woods,
Foolish fear ends. Firm faith tolls the knell
Of ignorance, for all to wake, who wish they would.
All is very well!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Poor modern Adam, so sadly forlorn,
The tread-mill of life has worn down his soul;
Sometimes he wished he’d never been born,
He yearns for a way to make himself whole.
Like a traveller lost in a bleak desert place,
Blinded by sense-storms with savourless food,
He begs for water, crying for grace,
He prays to discover the source of the Good.

Entrapped like a wasp on a jammed window pane,
He drones up and down, in search of the light,
Until falling exhausted, worn out by the strain,
He lies flat on his back, with no help in sight.
Through self surrender and intensive yearning
Answer comes from God’s bright flame, ever burning.

In Adam’s slumbering mind arose a dream,
A warm compelling voice, a father’s call,
Saying “don’t weep!”, and then a brighter gleam
Of light, unveils a scene which does enthral.
It was an orient land. On reddish earth,
The Sage sits smiling with firm and tender gaze,
Saying “I’ll help you, dear child, find rebirth!”
His look is steady, his eyes are ablaze.

It was as if some summer rains did fall
On his arid, parched and hard baked clay,
When Adam stirred from sleep, he did recall
This dream, the radiant dawn of life’s new day.
His prayer’s been answered, way down deep,
Refreshed his soul awakes from torpid sleep.

Adam heard within his heart, the Sage ask “why?”
Speaking from silence, his voice, so soft and clear,
“Ask yourself the greatest question ‘who am I?’
You aren’t just a body, insentient thing of fear,
But Divine, a holy spark of sacred fire!
Quest within, search for that hidden flame,
Dive deep inside your Heart, enquire!
Until you find that ONE without a name!”

Adam felt free, his soul had found release,
Joyful calm and ease enwrapped his heart,
He now felt One, at home in perfect peace,
Losing the past, to carve a fresh new start.
My the message of his dream, our hope renew,
Go seek your Self within! Know ‘That’ is true!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Tinted like a Clementine, the dawn,
Amid all God's lights, the fairest sight;
Child of that prime primeval light,
The Absolute from which All is born.

Jet night, dispatched by Sun's uprising,
Has yielded up her birthplace to the morn,
Garbed in glory, golden robes, he's worn,
To herald new day's hope; oft surprising!

Expanding light soon disperses gloom,
In the shade of mind's false glimmer;
Red stains in the sky gently wane, much dimmer;
The Sun of clear vision dispels dark doom.

Our Sun's a baby star on Galaxy's edge,
But an inward Sun glows in every heart;
Man lives by this flame 'till death do us part.
Our new dawn springs from soul's Self Knowledge.

Monday, 9 May 2011


He is out today.

Every bird is singing his name

every tendril towards him yearns,

each drop of morning dew

reflects the ocean of his grandeur.

The curtain of blue has lifted

to reveal a glory of Sun resplendent.

Sometimes behind a gloomy cloud

He hides in mischief sulking.

But having glimpsed in undergrowth

the hem of his robe,

I know that he is somewhere about

and enjoying the play.

Look who just flew into the room

in food-moth form!

searching for a flame

in which to be consumed.

Sometimes you wrap

Yourself in a cloak of pain

to chisel away at my basalt rock

an image of thy Name

and other days you send

a Cup of nectar

for my honeybee soul to humbly sip.



There’s a huge loom of time, in duration;
Born of infinity, from a consummation
With life, which has never been void of time,
While sun and moon as shuttle upward climb.

By weaving to and fro as night and day,
A splendid pageant of coloured display,
Strung on the warp and weft of unity.
The back of this embroidered tapestry

Is monochrome, derived from the formless One.
Its face is multihued, radiant as the sun;
Its tones reflected from archetypal light,
Are magically absorbed, an unequalled sight.

Only what’s permitted by an unseen hand,
Appears on this moving panoramic band;
A rainbow painting of the whole wide world,
Brushed vertically; each single thread is whirled

Without the dimmest dint of dull duality;
Bright light, unique to Self, sheer reality!
Coated with golden fleece and angel’s wool,
Dyed in the deepest vat of destiny’s pool.

So does this sacred cloth, woven in love,
Quarrel with its weaver who rules above?
Wrapped in his Joseph cloak at rainbow’s end,
Eternal pilgrim ever loves his Mighty Friend

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Almighty God spoke to high holy Moses,
From a bed of thorns, like our prickly world.
In compassion He mercifully proposes
To set that bush on fire, and then unfurled

His great message 'I AM' of mighty power!
To burn the dross which clouds the errant soul,
To fill with joy and bliss man's every hour,
To recreate his life once more, and whole.

This fire was One that eats all other fire,
A fire that burns all things be they dry or wet,
A fire that glows in snow and ice, to inspire,
A mode of fire, like a crouching lion all set

To reveal himself in many forms and names,
That can never ever perish or expire,
Shining and roaring mid life's strange games,
Blazing, sparkling a fiercesome white hot fire,

That flies and fans wildly in stormy gale,
That burns without wood or any other fuel,
That renews itself each day never to fail:
Fire, the sacred emblem of eternal renewal.

Friday, 6 May 2011


God, source of creation, is impartial like the growth of one’s beard,
Personal yet impersonal, The Prime Parodoxer, ever afeared;
Each morning, carefully scissored, the fuzz is kept neatly in trim,
Hair falls on floor, like time past, best swept up, memory is dim.

Philosophy rattles like a gambler’s dice in the box of the mind,
Striving to know the why and the how, like a fox hard to find
Yet stalked by the hounds of heaven, he hasn’t much of a chance,
Mind hypnotised by God, is led a merry puppetry dance, piped by Pan to a wilful tune of necessary circumstance.
So let go of tyrant mind as advised in Buddhist Zen,
Apperception, out of the blue will come, not knowing where or when.

The puppet strives to comprehend Life’s enigmatic mystery,
Philosophy, physics, theology, sex and history.
All play their pre-programmed, pre-ordained, pre-scripted part,
From driving a cart, to creating exquisite works called art.
What a threat to arrogant, egotistic, imagined, self esteem!
So “sing merrily, merrily, row the boat, life is but a dream.”
It’s enough to make poor blighted soul, shriek a primeval scream.

Truth can’t ever be adequately explained in words or told,
Truth is ‘what is’, so it’s full acceptance, we wholeheartedly hold.
Every thought is awkwardly like a cripple, clumsily uttered,
Every tortuous concept, foolishly, stupidly stuttered;
Half baked truths, false belief systems, lazily, loutishly muttered.

At best they’re menus, sign posts, labels or maps to point the way
To understanding. But then comes obsessive seeking, night and day,
To achieve an enlightened blissful state which cannot be achieved,
Except by the grace of God, then full comprehension is perceived,
Free of all those cumbersome concepts, once mistakenly believed.

Now vain Narcissus has gone, egotistic ‘me’ has taken leave,
Mind has fully surrendered, thrown in the towel, nought left to grieve.
Self Realisation springs clearly from wells of silence way down deep,
Calmly tranquil at peace as in the blissful sheath of dreamless sleep.
Stillness prevails, I know, ‘I Am That I Am’, all conflicts cease,
Mind and body are steeped in the blessedness of harmonious peace.


The morning light of golden hue is born,

Proud cocks do crow in carillon call,

Dark's dispelled by red streaks of radiant dawn.

Hear choirs of birds carolling hymns for all,

To raise awareness up, as opening eyes

Greet a great new day. Waiting Soul grows tall.

Now wide awake, attention inward flies,

To find Self in Heart this blessed morn,

The Self, a blazing light that never dies.


Sunday, 1 May 2011


There's no need to be impatient, wait!
Freedom will happen when ones time is ripe,
Don't worry about lack of progress; fate
Has already determined awakening's date.

We dance to a merry tune played by His pipe;
So rest assured, before it is too late,
Sun of Self shall shine, darkness GOD will swipe,
Then we'll reach the Self Realised State!