Sunday, 10 March 2013



On the tree of life every leaf calls his Name,

When they bow gracefully from green to gold.

They obey His will when e'er they fall to earth,

To greet next budding Spring for a fresh rebirth.

So 'tis with our human kind, much the very same,

We leave this vale of tears when we grow old,

To be reborn again for yet another lifetime's turn,

Unless blest Self Realisation, in this life we earn.

A woodsman went to cut down a mango tree,

A passing Sage called out in sudden peal of rage,

"Don't axe this fruitful tree, you'll cause her awful pain,

Let her rest in peace in Gods sunshine and His rain.

Then I think, my blessed son, you'll soon agree,

'Tis kinder to spare her life and let her fruit to be".

Alan Jacobs

Friday, 8 March 2013



Greeted by fiery splendour of the golden dawn,
A bright new day begins each fine auspicious morn.

We welcome all that happens, both inside and out,
For all’s His grace without a hint of doubt.

What ever God sends us, is always for the best,
As children on His path we’re very, very blest.

All are predestined to perform His mighty will,
Whether one likes it or not for good or for ill.

He knows what’s most needed to heal each soul,
To wake and shake us up, and so make us whole.

With faith, we hand him all our worldly cares,
Such trust’s a quantum leap for the one who dares.

We free the mind from foolish thoughts that run to fear,
And save errant soul from drowning in sadness drear.

Vain ego says ‘I’m the doer, the one who knows’,
But the Lord makes us see by shocks and blows,

All is for our good, to make us search within,
And end all sad sinful woes, and freedom win!

(From Alan Jacobs
108 Sonnets For Awakening and Selected Poems)