Sunday 21 October 2012



Almighty God spoke on high to holy Moses,
From a bed of thorns, like our prickly world.
In compassion He mercifully proposes
To set that bush on fire, and then unfurled

His great message 'I AM' of mighty power!
To burn the dross which clouds the errant soul,
And fill with joy and bliss man's every hour,
To recreate his life and make it whole.

This fire was One that eats all other fire,
A fire that burns all things be they dry or wet,
A fire that glows in snow and ice to inspire
A mode of fire, like a crouching lion all set

To reveal himself in many forms and names,
That can never ever perish or expire,
Shining and roaring mid life's strange games,
Blazing, sparkling a fiercesome white hot fire

That flies and fans madly in stormy gale,
That burns without wood or any other fuel,
That renews itself each day never to fail:
Fire, emblem of man's promised renewal.

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