Thursday, 18 October 2012


He Feeds Among The Lilies

"How fair, how beautiful you are, my darling
darkling dear,
Your eyes that smile behind your veil are doves,
Your raven locks are flocks of goats in sheer
Descent from snow-capped Gilead in droves.
Your teeth are like a herd of sheep short shorn,
Come from washing in pure Jordan's streams,
Each with twin lambs is blessed not one unborn,
Your lips a ruddy scarlet thread that gleams,
Cheery cheeks are peachy pairs of pomegranate
Demure within a veil of windswept fields,
Your neck is like King David's tower of granite,
Upon which hang a thousand warrior's shields.
Your twin breasts, a pair of soft young roes
Fondly feed among the lovely lilies white,
Until dawn breaks with tender colours of the rose
And darkest shadows flee before the light.
I'll rise and reach your magic mountains of myrrh,
And holy hills of fragrant frankincense,
There is no flaw in thee, so fine, so fair,
From Lebanon, my bride of higher mind and

From Lion's lairs and Leopard's craggy haunt
You ride to ravish heart my beloved bride,
With one quick flick of your glancing eye you
The jewel which chastens and awes my stubborn
Your lips sip sweetness as the honey comb,
Milk and honey lie latent 'neath your tongue,
The fragrance of your royal robe is fresh like foam,
A rose garden sealed is my bride so young,
Enclosed by crystal spring and sparkling fountain,
Cinnamon scent of orchard fruit and Orient spice
Stream down the slopes of the sacred mountain,
With aloes, henna, nard and saffron rice."

"Awake, north winds, and gently harden
My plants, blow winds softly when it suits,
Let my dear Lover enter my secret Garden
To taste so quiet and still, my favourite fruits."

*A free version of part of the Song of Solomon

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