Monday, 17 October 2011


Enrobed in scarlet, a brilliant blazing bird,
With eagle’s strength, the child of sacred fire,
She sounds a piercing cry, forever heard
When consumed in Self-lit flames, soon to aspire
From her funeral pyre, to show the world
Herself, reborn from death! Mankind she shall inspire.

In ancient time her wonder did inspire
Heliopolis, where flew this fabled bird,
To reach the Sun, lamp light of our shadow world,
And immolating in his fiercesome fire,
Her Being rose from ashes to aspire
To know New Life, such tales they heard.

When this Egyptian legend was first heard,
That daring deed was one that did inspire
Each soul, that now earned the right to so aspire,
And follow the lead set by this fearless bird.
If self dares to die upon the sacrificial fire,
Pure Self will emerge as victor of this world.

This paragon is an emblem for our world,
Proclaiming news, that everywhere is heard,
Setting the wooden hearts of men on fire,
The deathless spirit mocks at death to so inspire!
Thanks to the valour of this beauteous bird,
The soul of man can to an after-life aspire.

So people of all lands can once again aspire
To reach the height of hope in an anxious world,
And pursue the flight of virtue like this bird.
So sound the golden trumpet call and be heard!
Men should know such transformation can inspire
To be reborn again in sacred sacramental fire.

The petty self is consumed in conscious fire,
And from ashes, pure Self does once again aspire
To reach new birth, and the minds of men inspire,
To transform their dismal dreary world.
Joy again, can everywhere be heard,
All thanks to thee, oh great excelling bird!

By wondrous art she once inspired our world,
It’s vital we aspire to what’s been heard.
Arise from sacred fire dear Phoenix bird!


All beings yearn to be happy, always;
Happiness without a tinge of sorrow,
To enjoy a life of carefree days,
Taking no burden of thought for tomorrow.
When restless mind's at peace in deep sleep,
What glimpse of worry, grief or despair?
So happiness lies therein, buried down deep.
How to find this treasure, awake, aware?
Ask the question, who am I, and from where?
That's the essential means of the holy task,
Ending ego's `me' and `my', that's there.
No pleasure endures in things of this Earth.
Surrender whole heartedly with one accord,
Take safe refuge in the all loving Lord!

Enquire within, who basks behind our mask?
To regain that Selfhood we lost at birth.
Just seek for the source where mind is based.
You travel alone on a mystery train;
By this metaphor we're comfortably placed,
To travel by providence free from pain.
So put all your heavy luggage on the rack,
Only a fool carries it on his head!
Be glad, accept the predestined track,
Rest quietly, safe at home on your bed!
Surrender in joyful jubilation!
Surrender utterly to God's almighty will,
Surrender with total resignation,
We leave it to grace, to grant us release.

God will do this through the gaze of his Sage,
He sends down His messenger for every age,
To those who yearn and pray for great peace.
The Realised Sage lives on here to please,
Without confusing the Self with the mind.
Humble, compassionate, loving and kind,
Wisely profound, as his way clearly shows.
He steers the vessel of firm devotees,
Fulfilling everyone's spiritual need.
In deep silence, he sits, with perfect ease,
To awaken those, whom his teaching well heed.
Graciously, his great glance of initiation,
Drives the mind inwards, to Self Realisation!
Take safe refuge in the Lord. He knows!

Driving the mind inwards, to Self Realisation,
He grants safe passage through life's stormy ocean;
What frail soul will ever be excluded
From the presence of the holy Supreme?
No matter how depraved or deluded,
His mercy never ends, and will always redeem,
Raising the soul from the depth of depression,
To free one from the `I am this body' obsession.
From passions that churn desire and aversion,
His fair breeze wafts clear equanimity;
Enmeshed no more in worldly adversity,
Never perturbed by praise nor foul enmity,
We learn that there's the greatest giving
In knowing all are Self, and so truly living.

In knowing all are Self, and so truly living,
We thank the great Sage who is ever giving.
We praise the Lord, who leads us to his feet,
His gracious gaze is eternally sweet,
Without ceasing, he's forever reviving,
He grants that freedom, our real surviving.
He severs the grip of bondage's chains,
He frees the soul, where confusion reigns,
He bestows both compassion and deep peace,
He sends out his grace to grant us release.
He teaches the truth that Consciousness is all,
And Self Enquiry to raise us up from our fall.
We praise God Almighty whom is ever living,
These five of my sonnets is our thanksgiving!


Saturday, 15 October 2011


Proud philosophy proposed to poetry pure,

Coaxing, cajoling her to serve him as his Queen.

Reluctant, she succumbed, hair-dragged to his lair,

Lured and bedded behind his mental screen.

Uneasy waged their wedlock, heavily hard to bear

Her fairy fancies with his rigid thought machine.

Divorce seemed certain, until from who knows where?

Fourteen lines of metre, meandered on the scene.

Metaphysic sonnets solved their crisis soon

To knit ideas with verses in a subtle form.

He shone as Sun, she swanned as silver Moon

Reflecting wisdom, in stanzas, heartfelt, warm.

They seized the avid reader like a thunder storm,

Metaphysic sonnets now became a cultural norm.