Monday 14 May 2012


God, source of creation, is impartial like the growth of one’s beard
Personal yet impersonal, The Prime Parodoxer, ever afeared;
Each morning, carefully scissored, the fuzz is kept neatly in trim,
Hair falls on floor, like time past, best swept up, memory is dim.

Philosophy rattles like a gambler’s dice in the box of the mind,
Striving to know the why and the how, like a fox hard to find
Yet stalked by the hound of heaven, he hasn’t much of a chance,
Mind hypnotised by God, is led a merry puppetry dance,
Piped by Pan to a wilful tune of necessary circumstance.
So let go of tyrant mind as advised in Buddhist Zen,
Apperception, out of the blue will come, not knowing where or when.

Poor puppet strives to comprehend Life’s enigmatic mystery,
Philosophy, physics, theology, sex and history.
All play their pre-programmed, pre-ordained, pre-scripted part,
From pulling a cart, to creating perfected works called art.
What a threat to arrogant, egotistic, imagined, self esteem!
So “sing merrily, merrily, row the boat, life is but a dream.”
It’s enough to make sad blighted soul, shriek a primeval scream.

Truth can’t ever be adequately explained in words or told,
Truth is ‘what is’, so it’s full acceptance, we wholeheartedly hold.
Every thought is awkwardly like a cripple, clumsily uttered,
Every tortuous concept, foolishly, stupidly stuttered;
Half baked truths, false belief systems, lazily, loutishly muttered.

At best they’re menus, sign posts, labels or maps to point the way
To understanding. But then comes obsessive seeking, night and day,
To achieve an enlightened blissful state which cannot be achieved,
Except by the grace of God, then full comprehension is perceived,
Free of all those cumbersome concepts, once mistakenly believed.

Now vain Narcissus has gone, egotistic ‘me’ has taken leave,
Mind has fully surrendered, thrown in the towel, nought left to grieve.
Self Realisation springs clearly from wells of silence way down deep,
Calmly tranquil at peace as in the blissful sheath of dreamless sleep.
Stillness prevails, I know, ‘I Am That I Am’, all conflicts cease,
Mind and body are steeped in the blessed state of harmonious peace.

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