Saturday 12 May 2012


The loving lustrous smile of Divine Lady Mauna,
 That most lovely lady of liberation,
 Dispels the darkness that obscures Realisation.
 Whatever labours fate forces you to complete,
 Cherish as pure gold, the worship of her lotus feet.

Through her grace bestowing glance, so auspicious,
 The delusions of wealth and family, however propitious,
 Like smoke from the chimney, will soon cease to be,
 So praise that maiden with the strong wish to be free.

That's the most fitting of all righteous dharmas,
 The very best of all desirable karmas.
 So cherish as the most lofty brahmacharya,
 To live in union with our dear Lady Mauna.

In her presence, don't raise your head as `I',
 Or a glimpse of her face, she'll surely belie.
 If you remain subject to her domination
 She will reunite you with Self Realisation,

Harmoniously and with blissful delight,
 Embrace her at heart with all your might.
 Let your life in a state of Oneness and bliss,
 Be a model for others they won't want to miss.

So merge with Lady Mouna deep in the heart,
 The best householder' s dharma, till death do us part.


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