Thursday 19 November 2009


Life is a swiftly flowing stream of re-born Souls,
Each playing different roles on this Raft of Dreams,
As preordained by Lord Iswara for their growth
To Enlightenment and Liberation, or so it seems.

Myriad are the changing scenes in time and space
As Jivas are reborn after a long sleep of rest.
There comes a day when tired of suffering in this place,
There's a call to awaken from the vale of tears.

Then the Mighty Lord through Grace sends his Teaching,
Which tells us how to wake up from all our fears.
We read the Upanashadic Teachings of the Sages
Revealed to mankind throughout the many ages.

Self Enquiry, Devotion and Surrender are the keys,
To unlock Samsara's prison gates and set one free!

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