Saturday 17 April 2010


Multiformed, multibrained, pilgrim man,
Intent on a mission daring and brave,
'Twas his wholehearted devoted plan
To discover God's Truth and himself save..

Somewhat bemused, puzzled and vexed,
He laboured with books to search and to scan,
To learn pure wisdom and help perplexed
Tormented soul,in the best way he can.

After much reading and seeking for truth,
He came upon the teaching of one great Sage,
Overjoyed in this high moment forsooth,
He came to Ramana, blessing for our Age.

The Jnani focused his forceful gaze
On pilgrim, making contact eye to eye,
His power of consciousness like a blaze,
Evoked the Self, a Truth he could not deny.

He told him "Surrender and enquire my son,
That's my direct path to Realisation,
Strive with brave persistence until you've won
Moksha- the goal for man, soul's consummation!"

Pilgrim struggled with grave might and main,
But became discouraged unable to trace
The source of his ego; was all in vain?
'Til there descended the great power of Grace.

'Twas if he'd been given Love's kindest kiss,
He felt sheer existence and awareness pure,
The full Realised Self was infinite bliss,
For his prisoned soul, the absolute cure!

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