Thursday 8 April 2010


All objects are emanations of the mind;
Each Being's driven by One Almighty God,
He makes the clouds to weep and mountains nod,
While Seeker strives by quest, his SELF to find.

God magicks this dream fit to trick the blind,
He rules by Love but sometimes with a rod.
'I Am', He frees from shell of earthly clod,
He acts with great compassion, firm yet kind .

Deluded we thought our Will was ever free,
Not puppet-like, masquerading on a string.
In fact we've reacted, we've never done anything,
Our deeds are but reflexes of that Arch-Deceiver 'Me'.

'Me'is the Tyrant who's usurped God's throne,
Now we know HE truly reigns, majestic, and alone .

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