Tuesday 30 March 2010


Who hears the silent voice inside one's heart?
> This is the question all pilgrims must ask;
> This constant Self enquiry is our holy task,
> It will lead us on, and God's Truth impart,
> Otherwise we put the horse behind the cart;
> Failing to find bliss of Self there to bask,
> And sip nectar from Self's own lustrous flask;
> Asking 'who hears?' is the finest way to start.
> Pilgrim felt lost on the path to Liberation,
> Wearily, he prayed to God for mighty grace,
> So he could attain the gain of Realisation,
> To see and know his own original face.
> A voice from the silence spoke from his heart,
> Just ask yourself 'who hears?' then you shall start!

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