Friday 11 December 2009


THE SELF is dear to all, from dearest love,
Devotion flows like a stream of golden oil.
The Sage knows Self within as God above.
His child, after hard and persistent toil,
Still sees himself apart from God, yet melts
Mere logic to find faith from all turmoil.

The radiant heat of love the foul dross smelts,
His heart's desire, becomes God's lotus feet.
The one who attaches form to Holy Name,
In time transcends that image, just the same.
With Devotion ripe, and hearing Truth complete,
The blossom on the bough flowers Self replete.

The fool who prays for selfish ends desired,
Fulfilment never finds; when he maintains
His love for sake of God alone, well inspired,
This feeling, being granted, he yet remains,
In love with that One, the only true emotion.
He grows a lotus of pure white devotion.

On deep blue sea, its root deepens that notion
Within man's frail craft, God guides us o’er the sea
Of strife; allows Soul to unfold, as Self of sky,
The One all wise, unlidded, all knowing Eye.
Devotional Surrender is thus the master key
And take us back home to ever dwell with Thee.

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