Saturday 11 July 2009


Lord, who clears the locust cloud of needless fears,
Let your light dispel these dragon flies from mine!
Knowledge and ignorance must part like oil and wine,
Failing to mix in the waxless ears of he who hears.

Pilgrims perform their penitence with perfect ease,
Sloth will not survive in their sacred state benign,
Constant practice dwells inside their hearts at peace,
Bringing calm from moment to moment in quick release.

Sage shines his torch as brilliant light. For Seers,
Unsought, their brave efforts ripen into powers.
Through divine sport our glowing rainbow world appears,
In which to play, and wile away life's dreaming hours.

If destiny decrees, the bright effulgence of the Sage,
Shines, a blazing beacon to enlighten our shaded age.

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