Saturday 18 July 2009


August summer from awesome meadow sings,
I never tire from commune with my Soul,
In silent wood's enchanted shades, where broad
Shafts of sunlight fall in full accord
Gilding leaves of green. The dusty lane's my goal,
Which ends where the higher path begins.
The air, the fair horizon, crystal springs,
Rosy lips of dawn, which one yearns to kiss
This hem of heaven's robe in joyful bliss.

Come! let's gaze at gleaming stars so chaste
They shine on Mother Earth through veils with haste.
Let pine trees imparting scented breath
Waft you along to life away from death,
To sapphire streams and fields of emerald green.
Let Nature's radiance reveal her sheen
On the solemn beauty of your furrowed brow.
True love latent in your heart, here and now,
Will ever grace this sacred, monumental hour.

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