Saturday, 16 November 2013



Everything's perfectly perfect,
On this we should primarily reflect.
Perfect was all that happened in the past,
And the present's perfect while it lasts.

The future will be perfectly perfect too,
Why? Sages pose this question just for you.
Because all's preordained by a loving God,
For the growth of souls however odd.

The world's a field of predestined karma,
Which explains the weird world drama.
We view it horizontally on a screen,
Consciousness awareness feeds us with this scene.

Vertically it's a progress from birth to death,
But there is no death once we take in breath.
We're reborn until Self Realisation,
The promised bliss of Liberation.

We must try to will the state we're in now,
Because it is God's Will, but don't ask how?
His mighty will must be trusted by us all,
Then there's peace from which we never fall.

Hand over the burden of all mind's cares,
Freedom belongs to he or she who dares!
That this subject of this reflection,
So ponder on perfection in this direction.

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