Tuesday 15 October 2013


God's out today!
Every bird sings his name,
Every tendril towards him yearns,
Each drop of morning dew
Reflects the ocean of his grandeur.
The curtain of blue has lifted
To reveal the glory of Sun resplendent.
Sometimes behind a gloomy cloud
He hides in mischief sulking.
But having glimpsed in undergrowth
The hem of his robe, I know
That he is somewhere about
And enjoying the play.

Look who just flew into the room
In food-moth form!
Searching for a flame
In which to be consumed.

Sometimes you wrap
Yourself in a cloak of pain
To chisel away at my basalt rock
An image of thy Name
Other days you send
A buttercup of nectar
For my bumble bee soul
To humbly sip

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