Saturday, 16 February 2013



To know I'm not only an animal body nor brain centered mind,
But the true Self of Consciousness Awareness Reality pure,
Is like when Moses crossed the sea of red, the promised land to find,
And left the sadly plagued Egyptian host their destiny to endure. 
Their perverse thoughts and habits were drowned in a vast titanic flood,
All that remained there were only wicked egos seething deep in blood.
The hard pressed awakened ones arrived on another blessed shore,
Released from oppresive bondage by their God-fearing Prophet Sage,
Could any devoted zealous man or woman ever wish for any gift more?
Moses the mighty marvelous magician was the major miracle of his age.
We can all find the spirit of that wise prophet Moses abiding in our hearts,
And vanquish for each and everyone our own vain tyrannical parts!

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