Wednesday, 5 December 2012



Grand symphony of life, music of the spheres,
Unfolds like Shiva's dance, stamping on my breast;
Aware, one feels a martial drumming beat, and hears
Joyful rhythm that cheers the heart, and I am blest.

His footprints leave a lesson on my book of time,
They make a mark on my inconscient wall,
To learn from, so that soul may swiftly climb,
To conquer life's mysterious enigmatic All.

I ascend on eagle's wings into the great unknown,
Lord Shiva steers my flight through bliss and pain,
In this paradoxical way I'm stretched and grown,
Yet his merciful bliss soon soothes my nervous pain.

Let's give thanks and praise for Lord Shiva's cosmic dance,
Grounding arrogant ego into chalky powdered dust,
It's predetermined, nothing is left to random chance,
It's choreographed, infinitely wise, precise and just.

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