Sunday 1 July 2012


On the ocean shore of an alienated aspiring soul,
Wild thoughts stampede like a herd of unsaddled horses,

They frolic on the foaming rocks feeling they are whole.

Mare and stallion jostle in this sport on racing courses.

Sometimes the stormy ocean become serene and calm,

Mirroring narcissistic life as in a magic pool,

Soon all lies quiet, without any trace of harm,

Even for my dinghy which transports this stupid fool.

When a sense storm breaks I flee to my cabin down below,

And batten down the hatches waiting for the clouds above,

Watching rainbow entertainment to swiftly fly and go.

I pray for the coming of pure Love's snow white turtle dove,

To lead me cross the sea to another calmer shore,
And bask in the perfect peace of bliss for ever more.

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