Thursday 7 April 2011


Bad King Ego stands with his haughty band,
Ready to wage the chequered game of fate,
Queen Truth waits with army straight at hand,
Battle's to be staged before it gets too late.

Black King wore a blindfold as dark as night,
His mob is ready to fight and mate the Queen,
White Queen shone brightly like morning light,
She gathers in her might,surveys the battle scene.

She makes first move and sends a centre pawn
To reign o'er the board and commence attack,
The Black King blocked it with regal scorn,
White Queen sent a Knight to lead her pack.

The game progressed 'til locked in fight,
Queen gained the upper hand and he resigned,
It was the triumph over wrong by right
Defeating the wandering perverted mind.

If there's a moral to this chequered tale,
Win or lose, just enjoy the royal game,
Persistence and study will never fail,
For no thought force ever goes in vain.

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