Thursday 6 May 2010


> The Aquarian Movement hailed 'Brave New Age',
> Sorely needs wisdom from a Self Realised Sage.
> Permissiveness in every possible form,
> Many times beyond the accepted norm,
> Has led to decadence and collective shame,
> A dark stain on Gaia's sacred name.

> If we're not more careful then tomorrow,
> We may suffer Sodom's fate as did Gomorrah.
> Maybe in good time a Sage will be known,
> And the New Age will surely then be One;
> A blessed Utopia of peace on Earth,
> New Age will then become New Birth!

> So let's move on to a much higher stage
> Of this oft heralded Aquarian Age;
> Men and women joined in joy and love,
> Return to worship The Great Power above.
> They search within for their true Selves to find,
> Fatigued by flippant frolics of fickle mind.

> Aquarius fetches fresh water in his cup,
> Brings forth Real Truth to lift man up.
> That he's yet to be known causes sad regret,
> But soon, if through God's Grace we don't forget,
> He'll come to usher in the real New Age,
> And humanity shall turn a golden page.

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