Wednesday 20 May 2009


Words are like bricks, embedded in mental mortar,
Loosely piled together, they barely hold water;
Yet my grail of Grace is full and overflowing.
I’ve ploughed the ground, tilled, sewn and reaped;
Now God’s blessings on my restless mind are heaped;
Soul has earned her birth of Great Self-Knowing.

Poetry and verse are more refined than prose,
Yet Truth and Grace from the Sage, always flows,
Like light glows from the Sun, fragrance from a rose.
So to speak of the unspeakable in prosaic words
Sounds like the babble of squeaking parrot birds.
Better to savour God’s almighty power, He knows!
He knows!
He surely knows!

Mankind nurtures many dark desires that oft unfold,
Lust for wealth, fame, goods, power and sex untold.
Yet the most vital yearning is for final release
From primal ignorance, bondage, suffering and grief.
The tormented perverted mind is a treacherous thief,
We fervently pray this preying parasite will cease.

The cure for that dire affliction is meditation,
A clear mind, free from craving, with concentration;
Like a serenely calm , crystal mountain lake,
Free from the waves and gales of tempestuous thought.
This is the supreme state, devoted pilgrim’s sought,
For freedom, liberation and Self Realisation’s sake!

A pen can’t be claimed or blamed as the person who writes,
Nor can spectacles be the one who owns eye sight;
Such arrogance takes True Self’s Name in vain.
We’re like glove puppets moved by God’s wise power,
From womb to tomb, every second, every hour,
All’s foreshadowed for our good; such Truth is plain.

If neither petty mind nor body is the actor,
What’s essential Knowledge, the missing factor?
We’re but dream figures, related to our dreams,
Debating how to wake up from hypnotic sleep,
Wandering foolishly like a flock of wayward sheep;
We believe the world is Real, and as it seems.

So the missing factor is Real Knowledge of the Truth,
A Sage teaching, exact, compassionate and ruth.
We need to cleanse the mind from thought’s obnoxious air.
Fearless, faithful, courageous, and with effort bold,
We search for ignorant ego’s source, then seize hold
Of Real Self, Pure Consciousness, that’s always there!

Verses are lustrous pearls encrusted in a shell,
When strung together, they hold real meaning well.
Now my grail of Grace is filled and overflowing.
I’ve tilled the field, ploughed the ground, harvested and reaped.
Now God’s blessings on my errant mind are heaped.
Soul has reached her time of Great Self Knowing!

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